What Will We Create Together?


My name is Becca Demers. I'm a Healing Arts practitioner located in Western North Carolina.  I lovingly offer Somatic Breathwork, integrative Massage Therapy, and a playful and original style of coaching. My intuitive hands and heart are ready to meet you!



Your breath has been with you throughout your whole life, your most dependable friend. But how well do you know your breath? Somatic Breathwork Therapy is a chance to unlock access to all levels of your health; to get your mind on the same team as your body. You will learn and practice a specific breathing technique which will affect your physical, mental and emotional health with lasting improvement. 

My role is to support you during your breath process, which can be cathartic, with powerful emotions showing up, and then deeply relaxing, balancing, and restorative.


Sometimes we need a little help remembering our infinite nature.  I offer my coaching service as a source of guidance when the path has become hard to find. The basis of this offering stems from a unique perspective of the vibrational quality of reality. Through building skills of awareness of body and emotion, focus and thought, one can influence their experience of reality in a major way! 

Coaching sessions use playful conversation, an offering of somatic awareness tools, and practices of focus and attitude to support your alignment with truth and purpose.  


With over 16 years of massage experience, I can expertly guide you to better health using touch, presence, and breath. I often hear people tell me "that was the best massage I've ever had!"

I'm very good at finding just the right pressure to help relieve body tension, chronic or acute conditions, old injuries, tight fascia and general body pain.  I promise a pickaxe is NOT one of my massage tools!  

In addition to body relief, my energy-infused massage sessions are deeply relaxing and very helpful in addressing symptoms related to mental and emotional tension.

COVID Update

In July 2020 I tentatively started seeing clients again.  I am following CDC recommended precautions for cleanliness and offer mask-wearing as an option for our in-person session time. Please do not make an appointment if you have symptoms of any sickness. I still want to support you however I can, be sure to ask me about my video chat option for coaching and Breathwork services!

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