Breathwork Package

The 7 Belts of Tension

In a series of 8 breathwork sessions, we will systematically address specific areas of the body that are known to store physical, emotional, and mental tension.  The location in the body of the belts of tension roughly correlates with the glands of the endocrine system and the chakras. 

How do we get this tension in the first place?

Think about a time in your life when you've been frightened. It could be a time when you were harmlessly startled by a loud noise, or a more drastic circumstance causing a big reaction.

People describe these situations using expressions like "my stomach dropped out," or "my heart was in my throat." These references to places in the body is not arbitrary.  Expressions like this exist because body sensations at the time of significant emotional impact indicate the area of the body where a surge of life-force energy is generated by the sympathetic branch of the nervous system to keep the organism safe in a frightening or dangerous situation.

When this charge of life-force energy is not utilized for its purpose, or if it's not disbursed after the incident is over, it will get stored in the tissues of this area of the body, along with the emotional charge that accompanied it at the time. This is why you hear people say things like "I store a lot of anger in my liver."

A series of breathwork sessions that explore the belts of tension will be an informative investigation into your physical and emotional body systems, and teach you what places in the body hold certain qualities of charge and sensation. And best of all, you will move this energy using specific techniques, creating freedom in your being and building resiliency and self-empowerment along the way.

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