Becca as a Healing Practitioner

Since 2004, Becca has been using massage and energy work in a one-on-one setting with clients. In 2011, She completed her 2-year training at Power of Breath Institute in Spofford, New Hampshire for Practitioner of Somatic Breathwork Therapy. In February of 2020 she entered into an 18-month training for Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release System - BBTRS

Becca is a naturally joyful spirit with a wide range of passions including self-growth, aliveness and of course, the breath!

You can experience breath and bodywork with Becca at her office at Shine Family Chiropractic at Reynolds Village in Woodfin. 


"It is amazing to sit with such a wise and loving human, so in-touch with her soul's purpose and intention to serve another. Breathing: easy to take for granted, easy to forget, very thankful to find again with Becca."

— E.E.

"Simply by opening my breath, I have experienced sublime peace within me. Becca's unique intuitive touch has walked me through the tunnel of my dark moods, gently, to angelic light. I can't wait to go on another breathwork journey with Becca!"   

— Victor Clark, Retired Psychotherapist

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