Becca as a Healing Practitioner

Greetings!  Let me share a bit about the path that got me here, and what's been going on for me lately.

Back in 2004 is when I was first licensed as a massage therapist in my homeland of Maine. Massage has been very good to me over the years, serving as a foundation of knowledge and experience for my lifelong passion in the healing arts. In the early spring of 2021, I made the decision to take massage off the menu of my offerings to make space in my practice and in my life for new learnings.

My Breathwork experience goes back to 2009-2011, when I completed a 2-year training at Power of Breath Institute in Spofford, New Hampshire for Practitioner of Somatic Breathwork Therapy. Breathing consciously has changed my life! You can imagine my thrill when, after many years of success with breathwork, I found an updated method for holding space with conscious breathing.

In February of 2020 I entered into an 18-month training for Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release System - BBTRS. I went to Mexico for one of four exciting week-long immersive trainings, which happened to occur just weeks before the Pandemic took the world by storm. Sadly, like so many plans that have been halted mid-stream, the in-person training was put on hold till safer times. However, the creators of BBTRS brilliantly crafted an online training course that started in September 2020 and concludes mid-May 2021. This training certifies me in this transformational modality to hold space using an online platform for a series of sessions with clients. The in-person trainings will resume in the second half of 2021, and I intend to finish the certification at that time.

And, the future is looking bright! In addition to the completion of BBTRS, more trainings are on the horizon for the next year and a half. Starting later this summer, I'm looking forward to a 9-month course with The Coaching Guild. At the end of 2021 I'll be attending a week-long retreat to gain skills in Somatic Sexual Healing at the ISTA practitioner training.  Stay tuned! 

"It is amazing to sit with such a wise and loving human, so in-touch with her soul's purpose and intention to serve another. Breathing: easy to take for granted, easy to forget, very thankful to find again with Becca."

— E.E.

"Simply by opening my breath, I have experienced sublime peace within me. Becca's unique intuitive touch has walked me through the tunnel of my dark moods, gently, to angelic light. I can't wait to go on another breathwork journey with Becca!"   

— Victor Clark, Retired Psychotherapist