Breathwork & Bodywork in One Day!

First Breathwork, then bodywork - two potent sessions back to back.  This is a powerful way to experience the best of both worlds.  


We use breathwork first to drop into the deep; feel some feelings, loosen up, and truly release and relax.  Then, once you are nice and oxygenated (and after a little break for hydration, bathroom, snack, etc.) we put you on the table for the bodywork session of your life! 

Because of the deep work you will have done with breath, by the time I put my hands on you for bodywork, you will already be very relaxed and receptive.  This is a beautiful combination, and a fantastic opportunity to make headway on your personal journey to your Self.  Use this combination as part of your Eight Weeks program, as a way to sample my total offerings, or if you need a real turbo boost in your healthcare regiment. 

Two Breath & Body options:

  • Regular 2-hour Breathwork followed by a 60-minute bodywork session - $240

  • Regular 2-hour Breathwork followed by a 90-minute bodywork session - $280

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