This work is powerfully transformative for people who are ready to receive themselves as an empowered being of love.  


I offer individual, private sessions for the deepest and most complete experience.  Occasionally I will offer a group intro class as an opportunity for people to try breathwork and see if it’s for them.

Depending on your relationship with the breath, it can take several sessions to become familiar with, and proficient in the technique. For a complete breathwork experience, I recommend 6 sessions in consecutive weeks. During this time you will be unloading physical tension, learning to breathe more fully, and coming home to your authentic truth in a profound way. When you complete your series of sessions, you will have gained the technique as your own useful tool.



The body remembers fear, which informs the breath as we travel through life. Conscious breathing is a tool of inquiry, utilizing patience,  honesty, and deep listening. What will you discover within yourself?

The Breathwork process is a profoundly effective approach to releasing residual fear from the whole being; from the tissues of muscles and organs, to the constructs of personality and psyche.

Learning to exhale freely, embracing surrender, and finally feeling safe enough in your own body to really relax are just a few of the expressions of freedom you will experience.   


More energy-naturally!

Better sleep

Fewer aches and pains

Mental Clarity

Emotional peace

Sense of control of your life

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