Are you ready to receive yourself as an empowered being of Love?


So, you have decided to try out some breathwork. Congratulations! Currently I am offering this powerful work exclusively via Zoom sessions online. In-person and group sessions will resume when it is safer for people to breathe in a room together - hopefully by 2022.


Here's a bit of what you can expect from your online experience with conscious breathing:

I will send you a welcome email with an intake form and a note about how to best prepare your space and your Self for the session.  

We will start very gently, introducing concepts of Somatic consciousness such as working with the felt sense, resource, and resonance.  

We can only cover so much ground in one session. One of the many beautiful aspects of BBTRS is that it systematically addresses areas in the body known as the "Seven Belts of Tension." These areas are known to carry subconscious physical tension which is also closely tied to emotional and mental holding.


In a series of 8 sessions we use the Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release method to bring consciousness into the body and allow a process of unwinding that will create freedom in your life on many levels of your being.


The body remembers fear, which informs the breath as we travel through life. Conscious breathing is a tool of inquiry, utilizing patience,  honesty, and deep listening. What will you discover within yourself?

The Breathwork process is a profoundly effective approach to releasing residual fear from the whole being; from the tissues of muscles and organs, to the constructs of personality and psyche.

Learning to exhale freely, embracing surrender, and finally feeling safe enough in your own body to really relax are just a few of the expressions of freedom you will experience.   


More energy-naturally!

Better sleep

Fewer aches and pains

Mental Clarity

Emotional peace

Sense of control of your life

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