How do you want to feel? We begin our work together by playfully looking more closely at the thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes currently running in your bodymind. As children we are very programmable, and the body remembers it all! Let's zoom in for a moment and decide what's working for you, and what's ready to shift. 

Laughing, imagining, breathing, feeling your feelings - these are all natural to the human experience. We can use these built-in tools to reconstruct an outlook that includes an awareness of your vibration, and sharpens your skill of intention. You can put the powerfully creative energy of emotion into your awakened, conscious command.

If you want to explore the science and concepts of this line of thinking more deeply, check out this blog post.


  • Sessions range from 30 minutes to two hours in length.

  • Currently, coaching sessions are not being offered in-person. We can connect via Zoom, or on the phone.

  • Each session will include time for conversation, as well as guided practices.

  • You will take new tools of upliftment and perspective home with you.

  • Packages are available to maximize the benefit.