Coaching Package


If you're ready to commit to your rise, make lasting change and really get on the same team with yourself, a series of coaching sessions will lead you to deeper listening so you can truly hear, trust, and follow your inner guidance.

In eight sessions, we'll visit a different area of your life each week and take a look at how your thoughts and attitudes are contributing to your emotional experience of each area.



For the ultimate deep dive, take the journey into your psyche and discover the connections to your wholeness using systematic methods to bring love into your entire being.

We will open with 30-45 minutes of coaching practice to lovingly inquire into your current and desired vibration in a particular area of life.

The practice naturally flows into a breathwork session working our way through the belts of tension each week. You will receive support and structure to bring light to the ways you have learned safety, and unwind tension to make choices from a higher vibration about how you want your life to look and feel. Bringing awareness and insight into the workings of your mind, and breath and intention into your physicality through breathwork is a powerful combo of transformational energy.