Eight Weeks of Authentic Breath

I love humanity, and I want to see you and hear you with my whole open heart. I want to find the thread of love where we meet unconditionally, and see each other as the Universal, unlimited darlings that we are!  Are you ready to go deep and get real together? Life is is knocking!  I am excited to offer this intensive program to those who feel that they can't not embrace their expansion. We combine weekly breathwork, bodywork, and coaching for the full benefit of my services, and the homecoming of your authentic Self!

We will meet three and a half hours a week for breath and body work, plus you will have access to me via phone or text for an additional half-hour of coaching each week. There's so much we can accomplish together with our good focus :)

Here's a rough idea of the terrain we'll trek during our eight weeks.  Of course each experience is as unique as the human having it.  Above all I intend to hold space for your return to Self in a big, beautiful way!

Week 1 -  Love yourself right where you're at! 

Week 2 - Willingness.  What part of you is craving breath/love/expansion?

Week 3 - Allowing. Breathing into what ever shows up. Relaxing the exhale.

Week 4 - Feeling your feelings. Getting to know and trust your guidance.

Week 5 - Know your true heart.  Honesty, and empowerment to speak what's true.

Week 6 - Shaping your reality through desire and imagination

Week 7 - Your capacity for Joy

Week 8 - Love is who you are!

The eight weeks equals 32 hours of time together, what fun!  I'm offering three payment options for the Eight Weeks of Authentic Breath:

Option 1 - $450 per month for 6 months

Option 2 - $300 payment per week

Option 3 - One-time payment of $2,400

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