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Thanks to Poetry Club at HoneyLa, poetry has become a more regular thing in my life. Not just prompts and occasional suggestions, but lately I am looking for the poetry in life all the time. The way my heart knows it should be. The way I always did before I began this adult thing full time so many years ago. This one is from a prompt: "where do you see/feel/experience God the most in your life?" And of course I went straight to the breath because, well, anyone who breathes on purpose cannot help but feel the presence of God. Here are my reflections. Enjoy :)

God The Most

Body of light

soft hairs

skin, nails, teeth, breath

God is in the physical,

the realm of Feeling.

God is in my hands

making contact with flesh

God is the shiver of receiving

and the overlap of

divine humanness

When I close my eyes

sometimes I see colors

and geometric shapes

moving, arranging themselves

in and out of order and dimension.

I am inclined to think

God puts them there

My hands find the place on the torso

that will bring breath

into the body more freely.

They just know how to go,

God tells me where to place them.

I listen.

The air moves in

and it moves out of my own

divine flesh

I let it flow

feeling my cells' "thank you"

answering "you're welcome"

with a swell in my heart.

The breath is spirit

is the live wire line

direct to the Source.

It is Breath where I know myself

as God the most.

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