• Becca Demers

How Do You Want To Feel?

This is the basic question that guides our coaching work together. We start there. How easy it is to forget that we are allowed to have a preference! All through our lives, each day in every moment we are telling a story about who we are, what we deserve and what we expect. Usually the story starts with "I am.." and often we have it set on repeat without even knowing it.

So I ask you, what story do you want to tell about yourself? "I am brilliant," or how about "I am strong?" It could be anything. It doesn't matter so much in the beginning whether or not you believe it, that will come. What matters is that you have slowed down long enough to consider your preferences, and then the fun begins!

There's all kinds of nerdy science that talks about why this is important. My favorite lately is the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza, a chiropractor who's life experiences led him to stumble upon the science of mysticism. He has since dedicated his life to making quantum experiences accessible to people through focused practices of the mind and body - mostly using guided meditations.

Here's a rundown of the Dr. Joe science that inspires me, and a summary of the principles we will be working with in our coaching sessions together. Compared to other animals, we humans have very advanced, large brains. We have developed the ability of thought, a fancy new trick of the the neocortex. Thoughts lead to emotion, which the endocrine system processes by making a biochemical cocktail corresponding to, and stimulating, particular centers in the body (known by some as Chakras). This process creates an electromagnetic signal (we are energy!) that in turn creates a measurable field around us, which some people call an aura. The electromagnetic signal of the aura extends out into space and is acknowledged by a larger field of energy referred to by many names (Source, Quantum Field, Field of Potentiality, God, The Void, The Universe etc.). Matter has a vibrational signal too, and responds to resonant vibrational signals, arranging itself accordingly. Therefore, what we perceive as "reality" is in fact a specific and complex arrangement of particles according to the vibrational signals of overlapping fields of energy, most especially our own!

One of the little known miracles about thought is that we actually have the ability to control it--although most humans would probably confess that their thoughts are often overwhelmingly loud and intense. But there have always been people who embrace the practice of calming the mind and learning to control their thinking. Taking into consideration this knowledge, it makes sense that we pay attention to our thoughts and feel our feelings, so that we don't get buried in them.

So, knowing that your thoughts impact your emotion, and your emotion contributes to the reality you find yourself in, let's get back to our question, how do you want to feel? We can dive into this exploration and employ the tools of imagination, appreciation, intention and gladness, to align your inner compass with the magnetism of your essential self. There's nothing that feels better than true alignment! It's your choice.

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