The world of holistic and alternative health care is changing rapidly. Unfortunately at this time, my credentials don't qualify me to bill insurance for my services. However, as a community member and advocate for human wellness, it is my strong belief that all people deserve to receive the care and support they need to grow toward wholeness. So I am offering up to three sliding scale customer slots and one pro-bono slot. Priority for these price reduction spots will be given to people in marginalized social or racial groups such as black, indigenous, people of color, AFAB or queer/trans. Please inquire with me about your need for price reduction, I am happy to discuss your situation with sensitivity and curiosity. 


Breathwork ~ regular fee $120.   Sliding scale starting at $60

Coaching ~ regular fee $40/half hr; $80/hr; $120/hr.5; $160/two hr.  Sliding scale starting at half price per time length.  

Payment Plan ~ We can set up a plan for weekly or monthly payments that extend beyond the scope of time that you're receiving sessions.


Packages ~  If you purchase three or more sessions at once, a discount of $10 per session is applied.